Thursday, February 10, 2011

"SAVE WATER" Save Life.

Giving a gift means sharing something meaningful with the people that are special in our lives.
"SAVE WATER" Save Life.

The MESSAGE started this abhiyan because in history there were so many crises of water and still it is going on and in future it will again increase. Countries, States, regions, Districts, villages are fighting over water .Now here the question arises as to who will take initiative to settle these disputes. Public representative like politicians make its issue for their profit. No one finds the exact technical solution on it. HenceMESSAGE launchs an Abhiyan to find the correct solution for protecting the benefits and resolving the disputes over water through local people and members of MESSAGE. Through this abhiyan we have spread social aweraness messaage among masses to save the water .

Water is the most important liquid we know. It is everywhere we look. Water is in the ground and in the air that we breathe . All animals, plants and humans need water to survive . Water has formed our earth since its beginning. It also prevents the earth from becoming too hot or too cold. Water never disappears . We use the same water over and over again.

Water for life
It changes everything!

Imagine not having enough water to clean your children’s faces and protect them from flies that carry disease. In water there is cleanliness, and in sanitation there is health. In fact, the struggle against avoidable blindness can’t be won without access to clean water.

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