Saturday, July 9, 2011

Celebrating - Disability Awareness Day (DAD)

“Disabled do not want Mercy but the Respect and they do not want any Favors but Encouragement”.

On the occasion of 10th July Disability Awareness Day (DAD) organized by MESSAGE organization  at Rally  and Goshti. at pinkcity press club (Media center) Jaipur Rajasthan.

On the occasion of Disability Awareness Day, a rally was organized by the Message Institute where in more than 100 disabled persons and the representatives of social activists participated in the rally. On this occasion, a symposium and press conference were also organized to discuss the present conditions of the disabled.
More than 100 representatives and the social activists participated on the occasion of Disability Awareness Day organized by the Message Institute.
A rally was also organized from Rambagh Circle to the Pink City Press Club where in the participants carried the banners in their hands with the messages – “Disabled do not want Mercy but the Respect and they do not want any Favors but Encouragement”. The present masses also encouraged the rally. Later on a symposium was organized at Pink City Press Club where in members from various institutes from all over the state including social activists Purnima Kaul, Panchsheel Jain, Avnish Mallik, Hemant Bhai Goyal, Spokesman, State Congress, Narendra Singh Sinsinvar were present.

On the occasion, the works executed by the state Government were appreciated. The speakers expressed their views on what are the expectations of the disabled. All the disabled present on the occasion had only one demand from the Government that the post of the State Commissioner, Disability should be filled in at the earliest and the post should be given to a disabled person only who can appreciate the feelings, sentiments and problems of the disabled. To encourage the disables, social activist Purnima Kaul sited some examples that created a history in the society to become exemplarities to show that it is possible to do any thing with a little efforts and practices.


  1. We all need to be understanding of each person’s situation and find a way to meet in the middle by relating with one another on levels we both can understand and appreciate. Thank's to MESSAGE go ahead..........

    Dr. Hariet wallmore

  2. Big thanks to everyone who made it .I am so grateful to the MESSAGE organization. They are realy doing good things.

    Sneha Haderabad


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