Wednesday, August 17, 2011

INDIA's Fight against Corruption.

MESSAGE organize a candel light rally against Corruption.

We need your support and the support of each and every Indian who is concerned about the country.
"it is a sign of how people have become tired and exasperated since they have to tackle corruption in day to day life. This is the first time they see a plan to deal with leadership in Hazare. They see hope and that is why people are coming out to fight against corruption."
we people should come out fully in support of movement.We personally feel its a need of the time,other wise these political dragons gulp every thing.
"Corruption means exploitation of General Body of Citizens by a section of people of the same Country for their vested interest". The Citizens of this Country are thinking that they are the most civilized & cultured people in this universe but the facts are totally opposite. Since 65 years of Independence still crores of citizens of this country are not getting their basic needs. They are starving for food, water, shelter, proper education, health care, employment etc. The corruption has made the situation more grim and intolerable. A section of people by illegal means i.e by Corruption has accumulated wealth and availing all the facilities and ruling on the innocent Citizens of the Country. Corruption has become a system in our country. It is not possible for ANNA HAZARE like people to resolve these problems alone. The time has come. We cannot tolerate more. It is enough. Citizens of this Country are observing this detrimental situation since last 65 years but to no effect. A revolution is required to overcome from this detrimental situation. People should express solidarity as well as come out and support the movement in their own interest so that a strong enactment is passed by the Government which is capable of exposing & punishing the corrupted people of all sections of this civilized society so that we can proudly deem our Country as a real republic of India.

Vande Matram...


  1. the nation needs ANNA.Let us support ANNA in the interest of the NATION and our future generations.

  2. All these politicians are one group.
    No party is supporting Anna. Vary sad .
    Like plundrers they are very united.

  3. I am very happy to see this Anna movement i hope it will be succeed at the top level and we will bring a corrupt free India.

  4. LAVALESH PANDEY (U.p.)August 20, 2011 at 5:43 AM


    हां, इस जनसमर्थन के आगे सरकार को झुकना पड़े'युवा शक्ति राष्ट्रशक्ति है। इस देश का युवक जग गया है। इस समाज और देश का उज्ज्वल भविष्य दूर नहीं। जिन गद्दारों ने देश को लूटा है, उन्हें हम बर्दाश्त नहीं करेंगे। अपनी आज़ादी को हम हरगिज भुला ***ते नहीं, सिर कटा ***ते हैं मगर सिर झुका ***ते नहीं।

  5. VINAY (New delhi)

    छॊडो कल की बातॆ कल की बात पुरानी आऒ हम सब मिलकर भ्र्टाचार कॆ खिलाफ लडाई लड कर लिख दॆ नई कहानी.... अगर‌ सरकार खुले दिल और दिमाग से बातचीत करनॆ की पहल करॆ ऒर उचित मागॆ मानतॆ हुयॆ भ्रटाचार कॆ खिलाफ कारवाई करनॆ की अपनी ईच्छाशक्ति दिखायॆ तॊ अन्ना जी आपकॊ भी बात चीत करनी चाहियॆ तभी हम सबनॆ जॊ भ्रटाचार मुक्त भारत का सपना दॆखा हॆ वॊ सपना पुरा हॊगा ऒर ऎक मजबुत ताकतशाली भ्रटाचार मुक्त भारत फिर सॆ सॊनॆ की चिडिया कहलायॆगा.........


    desh ko aaj aise hi sangharsh ki zaroorat hai, janta se sansad hai naki sansad se janta, agar sarkar ek hafte me bhrastacharya ke khilaf sakht bill nahi lati hai to mera manna hai ki kendra sarkar ke sabhi matriyo ko unke ghar me ahinsak tarike se janta nazar band ker de.bharastacharya ke pakch me sarkar ki koi daleel ab bardasht nahi..........Anna aap ke sath pura desh hai...........

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